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If you have been here before you may notice that Maqina has a new design. (If you have not, please take my word for it, it IS a new design).

More than just a lick of paint, you may also notice that there is also a slight change of direction, too. Having settled in the English capital of rain (Manchester) it is now time to focus once more on the things I hold dear: concise and purposeful design…

Still a one-man-band (for the time being that is me, Emil), Maqina can now take advantage of the connections I made, and the things I have learnt over the past couple of years working this end of Europe. Working with and relying on other designers, illustrators and collaborators literally scattered across the world, the services Maqina can now offer are more diverse and more focused.

Together with this new focus there comes a new drive and a very positive attitude towards what the future has in store.

Of course no one likes old furniture in a new house so, temporarily, the work samples have been taken down. This is in waiting for a handful of rather interesting (in my humble opinion) projects to be finished but also to make room for any new projects you may wish to discuss. (And here’s a link to get in touch).

Thanks for reading and do come back from time to time.


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