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Making of the welcome image

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Having soft–launched the website last week, it is now time to catch up on updating some of the graphics and adding projects.

The hero banner on the home page has been the longest in production and as such is the first one to make it live. Being myself very interested in other designers’ processes here is how the image was made.

The concept started to take shape a few months ago with a new project I was working on at the time. Proto–type is an exploration of the alphabet using electrical wire and some pliers. But a more detailed post on that will come later. The Hello image was supposed to reflect the new slogan of the studio, and also signal the new direction Maqina is taking, adding hand made to a formerly all digital portfolio.

Probably the most complicated bit was figuring out which glue to use to stick the matchsticks. Short answer? UHU. Quick fast and flexible. The cubes were the fastest things to create but something of a more triangular shape was needed, I felt to balance somehow the composition. Having set my mind on doing an icosahedron, the first attempt failed miserably. Trying to precisely cut each matchstick to make the composing tetrahedrons was a task too big.

So I went on the next route and made each separate face individually then glued them together.

Glued matchsticks

To keep the angles consistent and make sure the triangles were equilateral a template was needed. (Failed first attempt can be seen here, too)

Failed icosahedron

Having set up a makeshift studio in a corner of the studio, the image was only a couple of Lightroom retouches away.

Studio steupu

And that was it.

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